Cosmetic Dermal Fillers

dermal fillersCosmetic fillers such as Botox have risen over 700% since 2000, and other fillers such as ones containing hyaluronic acid have jumped 18% since 2012. More and more Canadians are opting to use cosmetic fillers as opposed to cosmetic surgery due to how quick and easy they are to administer. Several kinds of cosmetic fillers are available in many Canadian clinics.

Cosmetic fillers are used to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, as well as to restore volume and provide a more youthful appearance to the face. Generally, as we grow older, our subcutaneous fat in our face diminishes over time. This means that the facial muscles start to work closer to the surface; therefore, crow’s feet and smile lines become more obvious. Additionally, the skin on the face stretches, which only serves to add to volume loss. Sun exposure, lifestyle, and even heredity also play a role in how our skin ages. This is why people turn to the use of cosmetic dermal fillers. They have many different uses and can be injected to enhance shallow contours, plump thin lips, improve the appearance of scars and soften wrinkles and creases. For more information on lip injections, read ‘The Best Lip Enhancement Treatment for Every Age’.

With the innumerable toxins in our environment, it is no wonder that so many people are experiencing early sigs of aging. Cosmetic fillers can help to reverse those signs, or add value to any facial rejuvenation regiment or surgical procedure.

Dermal Fillers Procedure

If you choose soft tissue fillers, then the first step is to evaluate facial appearance and skin tone, paying particular attention to problem areas. The points that will be augmented are marked as appropriate injection sites. Next, an antibacterial agent is applied to the marked injection sites. Sometimes, a very cold instrument, a local anesthetic, or an anesthetic ointment is used to reduce pain. The injection is then given, which usually takes only a few seconds per site. Finally, once results are satisfactory, the area is cleared of any markings. Sometimes, an ice pack is offered to reduce swelling and discomfort. The whole procedure takes no more than 15-20 minutes.

Dermal Fillers Recovery

Recovery is not lengthy, as there is no downtime. Most activities can be resumed right away. However, it should be noted that your initial appearance after having an injection may include the following:

  • Over filled” appearance at the areas of injection
  • Temporary redness or numbness at the injection sites
  • Mild bruising or swelling in the areas

These minor concerns can be alleviated with ice to the area, but they generally improve within a few hours after the treatment.

Cost of Dermal Cosmetic Fillers

Reversing the signs of aging can be costly, especially if one chooses a surgical method such as a facelift. Cosmetic fillers can be a much more cost efficient approach before resorting to surgery, however. In general, the average cost for cosmetic fillers is between $450 and $1000, depending on type and location. Health insurance typically does not cover these costs.

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