Before & After Workout Tips

Before & After Workout Tips | Dr. Ali Ghahary

When working out, it’s important that we prep our bodies both before and after workouts to ensure we A) have all the nutrients required to not only help us burn fat, but increase our energy levels – and B) aren’t injuring our muscles or doing any further damage to our health.

In order to get the most out of your daily exercise routine, Dr. Ali Ghahary says you not only need to drink plenty of water, but also need to make sure your food intake is healthy and high in protein. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to stretch before and after exercising to improve muscle function and mobility, and prevent damage from occurring.


Physical Therapy

Ali Ghahary - Physical TherapyWhen a patient becomes injured, the top priority of physicians like Dr. Ali Ghahary is to get them mobile again. In order to achieve that, Dr. Ali Ghahary will refer patients for physical therapy. The goal of sending a patient for physical therapy treatment is to help them regain physical function, including helping with walking, getting up and down stairs, and general mobility.

A patient may be referred for physical therapy for a number of different reasons. Severe injuries as a result car accidents or contact sports are two of the top referring reasons why a patient may benefit from this kind of treatment. Physical therapy may also be recommended to patients who have undergone surgeries or suffer from long-term health problems such as COPD and arthritis.

In order to determine whether or not the patient requires physical therapy, Dr. Ali Ghahary pays close attention to the symptoms they are experiencing. For example, if pain lingers for longer than 3 days despite icing the affected area(s), if there are visible changes (such as swelling) to the affected areas, or if pain medication does not provide the patient with any relief.

Ali Ghahary - Physical Therapist / Exercise

For the aforementioned symptoms above, the goal of a physical therapist will be to reduce pain and inflammation. To do so, they may utilize the use of hot or cold compresses, electrical stimulation, or manual therapy. Manual therapy includes massage, which is done by applying pressure to the soft tissue/muscles, mobilization, which is done by slowing pushing or pulling joints and bones back into alignment, as well as manipulation, which is done by applying a significant amount of pressure to the affected joints.

A physical therapist will also recommend that a patient get exercise and will teach them an easy-to-follow exercise program that they are able to do at home. This can include exercises for core stabilization to help strengthen the muscles in the back, neck, pelvis and hip, stretches, as well as weight lifting, and even going walking.

When beginning physical therapy, it is not uncommon to experience a certain amount of pain. However, if it becomes bothersome then be sure to bring that up with your physician or physical therapist as soon as possible.

Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

As a family physician in Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Ali Ghahary has always been a strong advocate of physical activity and encourages his patients to stay active.

Exercise has not only been scientifically proven to help one’s physical wellbeing – such as weight loss and weight management – but it is also great for one’s mental health, too, and can significantly reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

While exercise can be daunting and feel more like something you have to do as opposed to something you want to do, there are several ways you can make your fitness routine fun and hassle-free.

With the weather expected to stay sunny and hot across metro Vancouver for the foreseeable future, partaking in outdoor activities is one way to have fun while keeping fit – and with plenty of parks and beaches across the lower mainland, it shouldn’t be difficult to do.

One way you can incorporate physical activity into a fun routine is by going bike riding – this can be done alone or as a fun group activity. If you don’t have your own bicycle, Stanley Park offers affordable bike rentals starting at $7.62 with many different options to choose from, such as 1-speed and 7-speed cruisers, mountain bikes, city bikes, road bikes, tandem bikes for two, and even children’s bikes. Cycling is a great workout for the muscles and it gives your body strength and stamina, and helps to improve mobility. It is also way less straining on the body, therefore resulting in a much lower risk of developing injuries in comparison to other sports.

Beach volleyball is another fun way to stay healthy and fit. You can burn up to 130 calories by playing for as little as 30 minutes, and up to 480 calories by playing for 60 minutes. Beach volleyball is also great for improving your hand-eye coordination, increasing your metabolic rate, and toning and shaping the upper body (arms and shoulders.) Similarly, playing a game of tennis has the same great benefits.

Going swimming also blasts calories away, burning as much as 470 calories per hour. It is a total body workout and strengthens your arms, chest, abs, back, legs and shoulders.

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